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Autonomy of Ethics vs. Divine Command Theory. “Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?”—Socrates In his famous 'Euthyphro' problem, Plato has Socrates debate the above question with a man who has brought his father to court for killing a murderous slave.
Autonomy as lived: An empirical- ethical analysis of patient autonomy in the clinical context of individuals engaged with self-testing technology. Anna-Marie Greaney. MA, BNS, RNT, RGN. School of Nursing and Human Sciences. Dublin City University. A thesis presented to Dublin City University for the degree of Doctor of
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There are various ways of characterizing Hume's dictum that 'you can't get an ought from an is'. The literature directly addressing this question all focus on logical characterizations of autonomy theses. Such theses maintain that certain logical relations do not obtain between ethical and non-ethical sentences, for instance
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Morality could instead depend on God more directly: Whatever God commands or wills for us determines what is morally right: divine command theory. The Autonomy Thesis and Religion**. Kant's ethics rejects the dependency thesis and embraces the autonomy thesis. The principle of autonomy: This, Kant's third version of
Roughly, the relevant metaphysical autonomy thesis maintains that ethical facts are not fully grounded in non-ethical facts. I motivate this shift from logical to metaphysical autonomy in two main ways. Firstly I show that the specific metaphysical characterization that I favour both avoids and also helps to explain the success of
In their disputes with nihilists, subjectivists, revisionary expressivists, and other disreputable characters, metaethical realists and quasi-realists often employ arguments that appeal, perhaps implicitly, to certain theses about the autonomy or isolation or distinctness of the ethical domain. T. M. Scanlon, G. A. Cohen,.
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